focus, focus…….uh….?

Well, today  is my third attempt to do this. I had lunch with my minister today and told her about my new blog as she told me about her daughter’s fashion blog and I told her about my son’s friend’s blog ( very deep for such a young girl)…so this is how the blog writing process works eh? It certainly is a conversation topic if you need one. I have a good friend who sends out the most detailed emails about everyday things and uses quotation marks on her key words to the extent that it is sometimes rather funny but she really shows her “voice” in her writing. Someone should show her how to do a blog on this site as she would love it . A big audience is out there. HELLO ?

I find I need to have more performance and less writing. That is to say I want my words to be read and spoken or performed. Reading all the blogs that I have sampled so far I find  searching for the story behind each writer rather than taking everything they say too seriously. So, scratch the surface so to speak and see what lies beneath.

Remember my rake analogy earlier? Previous blog if you are interested. Seriously.

P.S. I have found the spell check feature on this site and will try to bold print again…exciting stuff for a 57-year-old retired teacher writer learning how to blog wannabe….make that playwright wannabe.


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