This isn’t all that easy is it?

This is my second entry and I am rather intimidated by the process of writing  this for inspiration. It is however a good exercise to jump-start the creative process. As I have been spending far too much time watching television these days it is at least an alternative.

 Goodness, I need to get outside and work in the yard.  There is a lot of grungy stuff out there and maybe that will inspire me somehow.  I also need to find some focus for the writing of a blog.

 It isn’t all that easy.


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  1. When you are stuck without inspiration I suggest you check out this blog:

    Every day a new topic is given as something you might want to write about. Sometimes it is hard to think of what to say and this blog gives some really good ideas 🙂 I am a subsciber to it and he posts a lot off neato ideas!

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