What did you get accomplished today?

It is very exciting to get some replies to my novice blog efforts but when I try to reply back I’m making errors and sending replies to myself. How annoying. These things take time.  It will take extra senior moment time with me at the keyboard.

This blogging experience is becoming rewarding creatively but it doesn’t help me do the dishes or fold the laundry. Yet. (Did I mention rake the yard?)

My mother would always ask me to recount my accomplishments for the day. I was usually reading books (several at a time) and daydreaming if not working at my job as a full-time teacher( 31 years, kindergarten and grade 1, so give me a break). Blogging as an accomplishment is an interesting concept….. as I was raised by a dawn to dusk and beyond farm mom. Does blogging to re ignite a creative spark hold up against the accomplishments of pie making, garden work,  tractor driving, field work,gathering eggs, tending animals, cleaning, child rearing etc.? Probably not.


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One response to “What did you get accomplished today?

  1. I love exploring blogs and finding the different reasons people start blogging. When I started blogging (in January) I never knew that I would discover such a huge community of talented and interesting people. It’s so addicting! But anyways, I must say that I do consider it an accomplishment (tho maybe not as physically strenuous as what you compared it to)! Writing has never been my thing, as a matter of fact I once had a professor who told me I was terrible. Maybe I’m not good with words like others, but I love the creative outlet part of writing, and that for me takes some effort. So, 10 years later I am here to prove that professor wrong. I may not be getting published, but I’m being creative for the first time in a long while and documenting what’s important to me. I’m glad you are doing the same!

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