Willy Nilly Day

A rather bizarre mix of activities today. I was invited to go to church with my cousin this morning but when we got there no one was there .  Seriously? Apparently we didn’t get the memo. Interesting as it was Sunday morning and the right time for services. So we went for breakfast in our local coffee shop all dressed up in our Sunday best and hung out. We had a nice breakfast and talked about things such as wind power and exploding coffee machines ( yes, it actually happened), among other things.

Upon returning home  the rest of the day with my son followed a random path as well.  Some banana muffins were made ( excellent recipe taken from a cooking site called Mennonite Girls Can Cook) and some television programs about fast cars were watched. My son , bless him  ,enjoys this program.   Our dog was walked a couple of times and the neighbour’s house was checked and her grumpy reclusive cat was fed.  As the weather turned sleety we ventured out to pay some bills at the bank machine. Avoiding cooking supper we purchased some subs and came home to watch more television about fast cars.( I have no control really over the remote even though I pay the bills.) No wonder I bake. My next masterpiece might be brownies. I hope the weather improves so I can walk them off.

Throughout the day I checked my blog comments (risky, controversial,yikes!)  but the biggest event of the day was that I was asked about blogging features even though I know almost nil about this. 

 Now I just have to find out about where everyone from church was this morning. I’ll find out soon enough as I told my minister the other day about my blog. Busted!


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