Beltane Anyone?

The book I’m presently reading doesn’t seem to have a point. Written  and published in 1949 it is based in rural England. It is about an eccentric and artistic family down on their luck living in a ruined castle but befriended by wealthy aristocrats who happen to live next door .   Dire circumstances aside, romance suddenly but discretely blooms. Thrown into the mix is a little Midsummer magic.

 Where the story is going I’m not certain but I imagine there will be some more romance and maybe a ghost will rise out of the mist from the tower’s mound. No doubt some tragedy or mishap will be in the next chapter. Throughout the story descriptions of meagre meals are compared to lavish dinner parties. Threadbare and outdated shabby clothing are replaced by the finest wardrobes money can buy. Eccentric characters do inexplicable and bizarre things while a devoted, unassuming and devastatingly handsome family retainer holds steady and keeps the flighty family on its feet. There is an element of spiritual wisdom from a personable vicar and some charming supportive villagers. An old dog and a well fed cat named after literary characters sleep contentedly by the kitchen fire. A gargoyle grins from the kitchen rafters. I imagine that is  important to the plot somehow.

 Apparently the book is marketable to a teen market. I’m in my late 50’s and I bought it for myself yesterday on a whim. It will take me a few more hours to finish and that will be well into the night.

 Point taken.


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