It’s getting closer as the weather improves. Yard Sale season is upon us. Hold me back. Maybe if I clean out my own treasures first then I won’t be so inclined to shop for more. This could go either way.

The fun of yard sales is hard to put into words. It is difficult to understand perhaps. What on earth is the appeal of getting up very early and driving around the neighbourhood looking at doodads and whatnots? Partly it is social. It gives people a chance to visit with folks they don’t usually see. It gives a small insight into other people’s lives. Looking through the pots and pans and old curiosities, little glimpses of lifestyles and person histories are revealed. In other respects it can be a creative outlet. Viewers with any imagination at all might form opinions or create stories around the assortment of stuff. Some practical and frugal types  are truly looking for a good find and a sensible buy. For others it is a trip down memory lane. Old dishes and glassware, lacy pillowcases, ancient dolls and teddy bears or handmade baby clothes bring back nostalgic thoughts. Having those memories again is often worth a couple of dollars here and there.

This year I have a yard sale plan. I’ll be just on the lookout for garden planters, garden art, plants, garden chair covers….maybe a teapot or a rocking chair…..old cookbooks or a quirky lamp….

Just kiddin’.


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  1. I love a good yard sale. Too bad I never seem to get around to organizing one myself…

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