The Quiet Life

Being a bit of a stick in the mud myself I don’t often go visiting around the neighbourhood. I’m more inclined to welcome them at my porch for a cup of coffee. I’m not likely to jump into the car and meet far flung friends and acquaintances unless I go along as a passenger with someone else. I do from time to time meet with close friends and family for a casual meal or get together. Some favourite spots with homemade treats are preferable to anything downtown which is at least thirty minutes away. Going through a process of change of lifestyle and personal commitments my time is my own for a change.  It’s enough right now to plan installing a new dishwasher in my tiny kitchen. That is about all the excitement I need right now.

 Tonight I walked down the street to see some close neighbours and family and enjoyed doing so. When I came home I sent out three personal cards with a short handwritten note of encouragement for their various needs as it was the very least I could do. One friend is ill, one has recently lost a family member and another is involved in a worthy fundraising project. The very least I can do is offer my support. I have been so grateful when they have been there for me.

I’m fortunate to be included in several theatre going groups that meet through the year. My church offers services and social opportunities for the taking. Local events in our community hall range from bingo to trivia nights. A library is just a skip, jump and hop away full of books and companionship, The coffee and conversation flows nonstop at our little village restaurant.  A beautiful park on my street is a great meeting place to see a baseball game or join in a community picnic or barbecue. There is a beautiful conservation area within walking distance.  Just down the road we have  an excellent fairground and arena famous lately for our olympic winning skaters. Groups of all kinds are eager to welcome participants and volunteers. I’ve been privileged to be part of these events and groups from time to time during the course of my life. 

 This just proves that stick in the mud or not, I appreciate my friends, family and community.  It’s good to reflect on these things.


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