Old But Not Forgotten

Today was nice because I had lunch with an acquaintance and then we spent some time looking around an antique store. Lunch was a tasty soup and sandwich and we  had a wonderful visit. We were the last ones to leave the little coffee shop and couldn’t resist going into the quirky antique store across the street.

 This friendly woman  I’ve known for some time but recently our paths were crossed more frequently as we were both involved in the care of elderly family members who happened to be lifelong friends . We could see and appreciate what each other was going through. After the long winter and going through our respective loss of close family we thought we should just spend some time together to see how each other was doing. 

 It was interesting to me that despite our great talk during lunch it was the atmosphere of the antique shop that really opened up the conversation between us. I’ve been labelled a sentimental type by my family and today found someone who could top me in that department. Looking through the assortment of old and beautiful things in the shop my friend genuinely revealed to me so much about her family and experiences. This time I was the listener and she was the storyteller sharing with me stories and remembrances of her family. She even picked out some old books that I also appreciated as a child and we could relate on that level as well. Thanks to old tables, chairs, china cups, porcelain platters, paintings, samplers, collectible dolls and books my acquaintance is now a kindred spirit.


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  1. Antique shops offer a chance to enjoy the unique in a culture of mass production. I never pass up the chance to visit one if I can make the time.

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