Nom de Plume Time

It seems rather clear to me that if one wants to write something for professional purposes then the best topic is something bleak.  Disturbing material seems to be valued. Maybe this is what readers enjoy. Why is that?

 If necessary I can pull out the most  bizarre stuff from my writer’s soul and wave it around  and see if anyone notices how grim it is all written out and nailed down. I suppose it would be cleansing. It might even be good. The stories would almost write themselves if and when I can sit myself down and start dredging up the things that truly have disturbed me. Perhaps by working on such a piece I would find it somehow restorative. Perhaps it might even explain a few things.

 Passionate writing, intensely presented with a nod to my vulnerability, seems to be beckoning. Sassy  broad that I am, I may even enjoy it. For the life of me I don’t know where to share this type of writing but it won’t be on my blog . Family and friends read my blog. Time to go  underground and dig deep.



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2 responses to “Nom de Plume Time

  1. Well, I for one would love to see that stuff on your blog. Still, I tend to like my bleakness with a happy ending. Can you try to shove a moral or happy realization in there for us?

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