Nothing to Wear

It must be a good sign but it was necessary today to find something cooler to wear. Since the end of September last year it’s been black pull on long pants and black or grey or red long sleeve cotton jerseys. Being recently retired I gave up pantyhose  and never looked back. I have one or two favourite bracelets and a couple of funky arty necklaces. This with a pair of black clogs is my daily costume. When I go anywhere nice I wear this simple outfit but brush my hair and wear a slick of lipstick.

 However, vacuuming today (yes, that’s right I was vacuuming a little), I got so blessed hot under the collar I had to find something else to wear. Khaki capris, black sleeveless cotton t-shirt and black sandals, no lipstick but hair brushed I can now face doing a little more housework. (I’m blogging to cool off, thankyou for noticing.)

 Sadly, it looks like I will have to go and buy some new summer clothes that fit the retired lifestyle. Something easy to wear both in the garden and the bookstore.  I wonder if there is a style diva out there who can design what I need? Something like a mix of casual,older farm girl and dramatic, funky retired teacher.

 I flipped on the window air conditioner and a small fan but then realized the heat must still be on. It was. Now where did I leave that vacuum?


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  1. I recommend comfy jeans or capri length khakis with fun Indian style tunic tops. Comfort and color with a bit of funk.

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