I’m Just Saying

Odd characters are everywhere aren’t they?

There are strong and weak people,rather quirky folks, eccentric dears, flat-out obsessed individuals, and the really unusual are part of our families, community, our nation and our world. They provide a great deal of material for writing. It’s the skill of a writer to gather this material and rework it into a good tale. Names changed, situations camouflaged, details intact these stories are either interesting, defeating, disturbing, sad or uplifting. Sometimes a gentle touch is needed. Sometimes a little understanding is in order. Often a sense of humour helps it all go down.

Not that anyone comes to mind at the moment.



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2 responses to “I’m Just Saying

  1. The Book Loving Niece

    Hi Aunt A.E.O.F,
    More like, who DOESN’T come to mind…we are all so wacka-doodle. I think once a person admits they are a bit wacky, the wacka-doodleness can be appreciated in other people. Therefore, we should all embrace the weirdness of us. Yay for wacka-doodles! (Yes, you are a wacka-doodle too, in a good way)
    You are so right about these wacko people being great fodder for stories. I am sure you will come up with some great stuff. Do share bits and pieces pleeeeze. 🙂
    Love, TBLN

  2. Completly agree, nice blog and im glad you like the Tonttu-Ukko or Tomte.. i think they are very interesting, maybe some of them remind you of someone you know

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