Curb Appeal

Sitting on the wooden porch swing at the back of the yard you get to see this small part of our rural village world go by. The dog and I sit there in the shade and sometimes go unnoticed by the cars that go by. Usually the walkers see us but are still rather surprised to see us tucked in there. The lawn curves alongside with the roadway so the whole length of the property is accessible to anyone  going by. In a way, privacy is somewhat lacking. On the other hand it is a wonderful way to stay in touch with the neighbours.

Without fail, everyone says hello and many stop to visit for at least ten minutes. Some folks stay for a good long visit. We talk about everything from the weather to the latest books or plays. In between topics we can have coffee or juice and just hang out together. On a night in good weather a few scented candles help create the mood of endless summer.

 Completing the scene beside the swing is the sleeping old collie shepherd and the two sleek cats snoozing in the long grass beside us. Colourful birds such as robins, blue jays and yellow finches swoop around the feeders. Grey and black squirrels do their circus tricks up and down the trees surrounding the yard. Butterflies and bees come and go all around us as we sit and shoot the breeze.  The garden is full of flowering shrubs, ferns, hanging pots of petunias and pots of red geraniums . Odds and ends of various different containers hold tomato, pepper, cucumbers,eggplant and herbal plants. It isn’t a perfect garden, not by a long shot. This garden really suits us fine, laid back, wild in places, pretty and quaint in spots with a shabby charm and a good place for family, pets, neighbours and new friends who just happen to go by. It will never win an award for garden design or style but it has something else. It has  real appeal, and coffee!






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2 responses to “Curb Appeal

  1. It all sounds wonderfully relaxing.

    • Thanks, the dog and cat and I just came in from the garden after seeing off the neighbour’s children on the bus and having coffee. It really is a retreat for my retirement but I have to”make” myself at least do an hour or so of work around the place each day as otherwise I’d just read and rest!

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