Super Senior

Pill taking in any form is difficult for me. So taking vitamins, calcium, and about six other antioxidants is enough to put me into quite a state. I seem to have to chew the pills rather than just swallow them. I have found, in my case they go down better with spicy tomato juice or raspberry yogurt. There is no explanation for this but if it works, who cares? All I need is a boost of energy, some cardiovascular improvement in my legs and to lose weight. Considering what several of my friends my age are going through with their health the least I can do is literally bite the bullet and get on with it. Their brave challenges have been an inspiration to me.

 I think after a week of almost staying on schedule with all these supplements I think I’m starting to feel some improvement. Again it may just be psychological but that’s an improvement too. I am getting better rest, waking up at an earlier hour instead of sleeping in and feeling a little relief in my stiff and swollen parts. One side effect which is alarming is an increased appetite. Maybe it has something to do with having more energy.  Yesterday I really fell off the wagon and ate chips, dip, chocolate and pop. Pretty scary binge considering I don’t usually even want this stuff except some occasional chocolate treats. Also rather startling was the amount of baloney sandwiches I put away. I seemed to be craving piles of mustard, pickles and pepper on the sandwiches as well. No, I’m not pregnant. Definitely not.

 In desperation, I’ve run to the store to buy bags of veggies as a snacking alternative. Drinking tea and water until it comes out of my ears I’m hoping to get the carb attack under control. My sister is trying a diet that tricks the body into weight loss and her big treat is oatmeal without sugar or milk. I’m hoping my new regime of vitamins and supplements is successful in tricking my body into thinking it is healthy enough to lose weight.  If not I guess there is always plain oatmeal. Give me some time and I’ll let you know if I’ve got my cravings under control, lost any weight, improved my circulation or started to leap tall buildings.



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2 responses to “Super Senior

  1. i make soup. my favourite is red cabbage and apple. i sneak all sorts of veg into it and it makes me feel better. i hate being under the weather and i hate tablets, so it works for me!

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