It Pays To Keep An Open Mind

Recycling magazines is a good idea as they are expensive and many others can enjoy them once they have been read. Recently I was given a bag full of celebrity type magazines which were full of comforting news about the rich and famous.  A few tidbits of this and that actually were of interest to me . The disturbing thing is that a great number of the celebrities in the articles I didn’t even recognize or know anything about their work. If a target audience is what they are seeking  I must have missed the target. I’ve since handed on the magazines to a neighbour.

 Of all the information I was impressed enough by one article to apply its information to my own life. One celebrity gave her opinion on diets and eating and suggested making soup as a way to handle hunger  cravings while trying to control weight. This isn’t exactly earth shattering information. In fact, everybody knows this. However, it was  the right timing for me as I was trying to cut back on eating junk between meals. So pans banging I washed up all the vegetables I could find in the fridge and cooked them up in water and a little broth. At least ten different  vegetables were used in this soup. Some parsley, garlic and dried chilies in hefty spoonfuls got thrown in during the  cooking process. A couple shakes of sauce was added instead of salt. In only a few minutes it was cooked enough and ready to cool before blending it into a smooth puree.

 Of course I was too impatient and didn’t let it cool enough so it was very hot  and flew out of the blender onto my palm burning it  a little. Soon , after some pulses in the blender it turned into a very dark green smooth puree that looked liked baby food. However, it didn’t taste like baby food with those hot chilies and Worcestershire sauce.  After two bowls I felt quite satisfied and not interested in chips, dip, pop or chocolate. There was enough for today’s lunch and it got mixed reviews from my adult son, but he ate it up.

 So guess what is on the stove again? Tonight the amount of vegetables is only seven  and no broth but in substitution I’ve added some canned tomatoes.  The thing is that it is a step in the right direction.  It’s a step I knew about all along but it took a self-absorbed celebrity type to smarten me up. You never know who you will find a connection with or who can give some sound advice.


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