No excuses, but I didn’t feel like writing my blog for a week or two. The computer was in the shop for repairs for a while so that may have been a factor in my dry spell. Stuff happens.In the interim of writing and not writing I haven’t even done any reading either. I have a couple of books on the go but haven’t had much inclination to read at the moment but that doesn’t worry me at all as that is typical behaviour for me. Once I get the inclination I go night and day. That’s the way my creative vibe works I guess. So what, it’s my life.

A few theatre trips have been juice for the soul. Summer theatre is a great way to just have fun but I enjoy a good dark heart wrenching play any time of the year. Grapes of Wrath was so well done at Stratford, Ontario this year so if you get a chance to go and you like Steinbeck, go.  It was also a great afternoon performance at Huron Country Playhouse, Ontario when I took in the fun of Hairspray. Go to that too!  I could to plays constantly as I truly feel that the theatre feels like  home to me.

Some intermittent creative activities that I’ve dabbled in have been soul searching about the psychology of why we write and why we seek support from other writers to validate our need to write. Confidence building experiences are part of the process but we all know we should just write if we feel the call to do so. It is also good to consider the reader out there. But guess what? They will find you. You may not know who is your reader but that’s ok. It’s all part and parcel of the fabric of the creation of great  and not so great works of writing.

Scanning book titles, reviews, lists of authors, trips to the theatre and sitting around in the backyard talking about these books and experiences with friends and neighbours are all good for the soul too.

In between these literary pursuits, clean up the yard, declutter a closet, eat a picnic outside, sleep in, take your health seriously, help a friend, parent well or sit and meditate. It can’t hurt. The writing can wait.



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3 responses to “Seriously,Whatever

  1. TBLN (the book loving niece)

    Hi AEOF,
    Breaks are good. It gave me a chance to catch up on your blog anyway! Glad to hear you are seeing lots of plays. I love Steinbeck, so I can imagine that play was wonderful. We go to see the Hairspray one on Saturday.
    Love, TBLN

  2. I just took a break myself. Sometimes you just need a vacation.

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