During the course of a day now that I’m retired from teaching and live in a rural village I don’t do much. The morning involves sleeping in, making very good coffee, walking the dog and watching my favourite antique programs on television. Really, that’s what I do.

 After a lunch of leftovers or whatever I can find and making some more good coffee I try to concentrate on taking my vitamin supplements as this is my version of a health kick. Some good sit and think time is spent on the porch swing with the dog sleeping at my feet. When it gets too warm outside the dog and I come in for a nap stretched out on a recliner letting the fans cool us off as best as possible.

 Waking up from this snooze I go back outside to water the pots of flowers and veggies I’ve got going in the backyard and pull a weed or two. Neighbours come and go for little visits and we keep tabs on what is going on at each other’s places.

My neighbours seem to be busier than me and have projects going on to beat the band outside. One neighbour is builing a fence, another is putting up siding on his house, across the street my sister-in-law is always on the go doing a million different things and another neighbour is working  on wood projects in his workshop.

 After watering and visiting routines are finished I go inside to rustle up some thing decent for supper for my son. After eating it’s time for another rest while making some more good coffee. For some reason which is totally baffling I don’t feel like reading during the evening like I usually do in the winter, spring and fall seasons. Instead, I spend the evening thinking, dozing and taking more vitamin supplements. The dog and I go for a wee walk again. That’s right, a wee walk.

 Usually, at dusk I sit outside to watch the fireflies and then light several scented candles to continue the mediation phase of the day. The dear old dog usually joins me on the candlelit porch and we take in the stars and soft night breeze. Tonight I heard a mouse or some other small creature in the ferns beside the porch so that was rather exciting.

 Late in the evening I sit and think about the blog hobby I have going on at the moment and try to think of something interesting to write about. This blog hobby is for fun writing practice and is probably the most structured thing I “might” do all day. I don’t go to bed until I’m too tired to watch the funny boys on Late Night television. So, that’s pretty much it right now. 

 Retirement’s not bad.



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6 responses to “Chillin’

  1. The Book Loving Niece (TBLN)

    Hi Aunt AEOF,
    It’s the simple things in life that I like best too. You rock! That’s all I gotta say! I am so glad you are resting and enjoying your retirement.
    Love, TBLN 🙂

  2. Hey Aunt AEOF,
    Your post sounds like a perfect setting for a cozy mystery. Add a crime and you’ve got it.

    • Thanks! Maybe the untimely death of the dastardly ,lecherous church deacon at the hands of the long suffering church organist with the red herring of the angry young neighbour swindled by the disreputable building contractor, all observed by the busy, busy, busy siater-in law but unaware of the significance of the events until shared with the retired, mellow Kindergarten teacher on the candle lit front porch…it might work!

  3. Melodrama with some exaggerated comedy is probably my style.

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