Type B Renewal

Jolted into action after a period of sitting around and doing pretty much nothing, I tore into town to buy a book. Some blog mates had suggested the value of reading The Zen In Writing by Ray Bradbury and I decided if anyone could relate to zen it was probably me. My bookstore didn’t have it. Maybe too zen for them.

 However, a very capable and pleasant young clerk helped me order it from the floor service computer kiosk. Apparently you just stick in your credit card and you can have anything literary that you want. Unable to walk away empty-handed I searched my purse for my book list of other recommended books and authors. I purchased three and skipped (very) slowly to the car.

 I bought a self-help book on walking. I walked right up to the shelf and it was the first book I picked up. It is a book written for walking for the healing effects of walking rather than as a weight loss focus. It sounds rather zen doesn’t it? The good news is that it is working  .I’m doing little tiny walks again on my own terms thanks to the book. Stay posted on my progress or should I say, experience .

The capable young clerk looked at my other selections and kindly but bemusedly asked if I had ever read any of Tom Robbins before. So now I’m intrigued to read my copy of Jitterbug Perfume. He checked out my other choice with an eager look saying it was one he hadn’t even heard of before but as he read the book jacket he started to drool a little on it. The writing in Cloud Atlas by Mitchell is reported to be very beautiful so I wiped off the drool and started reading it as soon as I was in the car. If the rest of the book is like the first chapter I’ll have lots to talk about to the gathering literary types who meander over to my porch swing on a random basis. 

 Driving home happy despite the antics of the failing car I felt nourished by my new supply of books. It appears that this little splurge, with my special book on order is conducive to my little health kick of taking multivitamins and other supplements along with my very private and tiny walks.

 Zen enough for me.



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2 responses to “Type B Renewal

  1. TBLN

    Hi Aunt AEOF,
    The drool bit was hilarious. Love it!
    Love, TBLN

  2. I cannot resist a bookstore. I hope you enjoy your purchases.

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