It’s  three a.m. for crying out loud and here I am starting a new blog entry. During the month of July it gets hot around here and this throws off any semblance of a sleeping routine with me. I don’t do well in the heat so I snatch rest in the darkened, fan stirred livingroom  siesta style when I can. Often it is too hot to do much around the house until the sun starts to go down so that’s probably why I am still up doing dishes and laundry and blogging.

 I’m blogging in the tiny room off the kitchen as it is our only air-conditioned room in the house. It used to be a small garage years and years ago. I’ve painted it, added some cottage curtains, a sofa, recliner and tub chair, computer set up and television. The doorway doesn’t have a door on it as it opens into the entry way and kitchen. So the cool  air gets lost for the most part into the rest of the hot little house. I think I will try to block off the doorway somehow with a temporary sheet or something. Now, you don’t get decorating tips like that often do you?

Just before dusk I supervised my young neighbour as he cut my grass for me . I had trimmed a few bushes earlier.So my yard which is on a curved village street open to kindly neighbourly scrutiny looks quite presentable, thankyou.

I’ve read excerpts from my three new books today. The walking book is a nice gentle read and not bossy in its approach to suggesting healing walks. It’s got me moving despite the heat wave but only in little circuits of increased walking. I’d cite it for you but I’m too lazy to get out of the chair and check the title and author. I think it is called Healing Walks for Hard Times. Anyway. it’s good and I’ll refer to it later, in another blog, maybe. Wait till there is a snap in the air this fall and you will see my dust!

The two novels are quite unusual. One is funny and off beat to say the least. It’s called Jitterbug Perfume. I read only a chapter or two but laughed at the absurdity of it. The other novel is rather challenging and complicated with six narratives going on to just sit and read despite being beautifully written. Cloud Atlas is more of a cool day book when it is raining outside and you need a blanket on your knees. It’s too hot to read much of it today but I’ll carry on with it when I can.  A neighbour friend brought me a book last week called The White Bone and it is very different and epic in a Grapes of Wrath style but in this heat just reading it lulls me to sleep. It is the kind of book  to read when I need to be wearing  a wooly sweater and bed socks. Obviously my reading habits have something to do with the heat, hormone issues and my attention span.

 Supper tonight was a skillet affair as my oven is on the blink. Some dishes are still soaking and that’s fairly typical as we eat late and then I often bake even later (when the oven works). Most of the laundry is folded and some of it is put away. The cats are out wandering in the moonlight instead of being safely asleep inside the house.Things just seem to be out of sync but that’s perfectly okay.

 It’s the heat.



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2 responses to “Summertime

  1. TBLN

    Hi Aunt AEOF,
    I love the title of this blog post…a great song! I am very much like you, in that I read according to weather, and my moods…makes things interesting, I guess. With A/C everywhere in here I guess I am not as influenced by the extreme heat as you are. Sounds like an interesting batch of books you are dipping into…currently I am only reading one book, very mainstream – “From the Corner of his Eye” by Dean Koontz, which is fairly good…I think I got it at the sale at the library. He is one of my favourite mainstream authors. I am usually reading a lot at once too, but for some reason at the moment I am only read one at a time. Next it will probably be a classic like something Dickens, as I am random like you are, in my reading choices. 🙂
    Love TBLN

  2. Nancy Curteman

    I’m delighted that as a teacher you can relate to my novel, “Lethal Lesson.” It was my first novel and one of the ones I enjoyed writing the most. As you know, authors have favorite characters too. One of my favorite characters is the Polish detective. I also like the school secretary. Our school secretary was just like her. I agree, Marie LaVeau is also kind of kicky. Thanks for taking a look.

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