Pocketwatch Mystery

A few blogs back I was trying to be creative and productive so I assembled a few found antiques and pondered if they would inspire a story. After writing a dramatic structure I was satisfied to just leave it alone but wondering what reaction there would be to it. There have been three responses.

One blog response from a stranger who wondered what the heck I was writing but said she enjoyed reading my stuff so she would keep reading. Another response was from TBLN who knows me very well as I’m her maternal aunt. TBLN gave me some feedback on my creative effort as she really gets what I’m trying to do at this beginning point in my retired life as I pick up on a  childhood dream to write stories.  Finally a neighbour friend just told me with a big grin that she can’t wait to find out  why Evelyn , the interfering, palsied neighbour was tormented by the pocket watch…..Well, how the heck do I know?

Maybe it’s because…….

a) the pocket watch once belonged to the interfering neighbour (Evelyn) but she lost it to Melissa in a bet over who would win the best church pie contest  ……   OR

b) Evelyn had once treasured the watch as a gift from a suitor but he had a change of heart and taken the watch back, intending to woo Melissa with it as they both were great lovers of literature and poor Evelyn was more into horseshoeing  but he was hit with a bolt of lightning as he was preparing to present it to her and it was found in his seared clenched fist …..  OR

c) It could only mean one thing, …that Frieda was back in town and bared watching !  (Sorry.)



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3 responses to “Pocketwatch Mystery

  1. TBLN

    Hi Aunt AEOF,
    I love your writing exercise pieces. I agree, I do understand you well. 🙂
    I look forward to reading more of your writing blurbs.
    Me likeys your writies! (I gots good englishy todays) 🙂
    Love, TBLN

  2. Deb W

    Thoroughly enjoyed your creative writing “stand-up” – though I did find the ending just a touch abrupt.
    So mission accomplished: what the heck was that about? ; )

    • hello ! Thanks for reading… I guess you’d call it an inside joke…Frieda is the neighbour friend who had really asked me about how the story would progress…she is very literary,we discuss books etc, I’ve performed locally as funny old characters depicting local types at her church for fundraising, and she knows alot about the locals ( as does my very active sister-iaw who does in fact live across the street in the village from me)…Frieda and I have written the next little part for our own fun( she reads the blog as an outsider as she doesn’t blog) but I haven’t posted it yet….I am blog responding with a REAL mystery writer who sends me her tips….the items mentioned are actual things that I have and my niece just thinks it’s great that I’m writing a blog at this beginning stage of my retirement….I have used this exercise with my students in drama class to develop characters and it’s fun as they start believing in their character….well, too much info I’m sure but I’m so pleased that you asked, Beekeeper’s Daughter…hey! I think I can work that cool name into the plot! Heck, why not!

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