The Late But Great Show

As I was night owling last night and trying to find something, anything, worth watching on television  I actually found a gem. From 2:00am until 4:30 am I was tickled pink to have a first hand viewing of the recent Royal Tour in Canada. I have a sneaking suspicion there probably weren’t too many up at that hour watching it along with me. Maybe no one who was night owling was as intrigued by the program as I was unless they were unable to sleep at Buckingham Palace and had the telly on.

 I caught the program on the Canadian public record cable program. I found it fascinating to see so much detailed coverage of the wonderful young couple without having to endure the endless commentaries of the  newscasts and entertainment programs. It was just excellent professional video coverage with a few printed captions to explain locations.  There wasn’t a bit of unnecessary hype.

 Watching them interact with children, veterans, war brides, young artists and performers just to name a few I was permitted to make up my own mind about the eight-day event. I saw Kate being so genuinely caring  and fun-loving instead of hearing all the tosh about she was wearing. I saw William, while thoughtfully thanking his police guards’ appear to be ready to take his leave but stop and go back to take a moment to ask about the police dog seated at their feet and then gently pet the lovely animal before getting on the plane. He had me on that move right then and there. Bless  him, our Wills!

 There were many more moments that are too numerous to mention but the upshot is that it was really good reality television for a change. My eyes were weary but it was worth it. I was so tired that I slept in but I do that anyway.

 So what am I watching tonight?…. a nice, dramatic Miss Marple episode with  lots of  charming details and clues that let me use my own intelligence to figure out the outcome.  Two consecutive nights of good stuff on television. Yay!



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2 responses to “The Late But Great Show

  1. I once discovered the movie “Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill!” under similar circumstances. It appealed to my nightowlness, and it was fun in a surreal sort of way. I also discovered “Evil Dead” at who-knows-o’clock in the morning.

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