Staying “Currant”

First of all I tried to open the door to the old General Store but no one was there. Cute wicker baskets and odds and ends planters of flowers decorated the front of the ancient buiding. High store front windows were still dark. Beside the General Store was a couple of interesting places so I was in good shape for browsing for a short time while waiting for my sister-in-law who was running an errand just down the street.

 First I walked into a recently renovated and very swish spa of all places. As it was quite early only two customers were there but well into getting gussied up with highlights . The snazzy decor in a country village setting was impressive and I made a note to make an appointment for a future pampering experience. Next I found a very well stocked and carefully arranged gift store just full of everything I like. I think this store would be a great place to treat myself too in another future retail therapy session. A large bronze framed print of a tree with a meaningful text got my attention there and I imagined it hung in my little quaint home, perhaps in my bedroom. No doubt I’ll be going back soon for it. It seems to be calling to me.

 Checking finally on the old General Store and finding the door open for business I continued my little shopping trip. I had been in the store about six years ago and enjoyed the historic presence of the place. Tall ceilings, dark wooden walls, original mouldings, antique furnishings  Displays of nutritional hemp products,  artistic clothing ,fair trade coffee, organic teas and honey, unique baby items, lotions, jewellery, bags, socks etc filled the store. It’s current products with a health conscious and environmentally responsible vibe seemed quite at home in the old time setting.

 Greeted with a sunny hello by a cheerful young owner I was momentarily stopped in  my tracks. This young person remembered me from my visit over six years ago . She had remembered that I had told her about my teaching and love of drama based learning. Six years ago I had purchased a beautiful overnight bag made from hemp from this young lady and although she didn’t recall the purchase she knew me immediately. Flattered and pleased that she had remembered me I  introduced her to my sister-in-law when she caught up with me in the store.

 So the upshot of this little report of my daytripping experience to Parkhill, Ontario(near Grand Bend) is that if you are driving through the little town/village on the way to the lake, slow down and park the car for a little visit. Just down the street from the General Store is a nice coffee shop with yummy lunches and further down is a bright and colourful ice cream place. On the edge of town is an amazing greenhouse filled with gorgeous planters. My sister-in-law and I visited all these places in addition to her errand in town all in the time frame of about three hours on a glorious summer day. Now I’m sipping my roobis tea that I purchased at the old Currant General Store and blogging about the nice little outing.

Some days are just like that, and it’s nice to be remembered.



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