A Good Fit

Shopping for a new car at this time of my life is quite different from when I bought cars before. Comparing cars on-line has been an education to say the least. It is also overwhelming. Too much information.

 My son has helped me compare the data on these various cars and I feel as though we have researched the purchase extensively.  What did I do about narrowing the actual search? I didn’t go back to my usual dealer even though I had always been treated well there. I just went looking a little farther afield. I was looking for a new style, something different.

 Making a call to a dealer out-of-town  I felt quite brave but then reluctant to drive the  distance as my current car isn’t very roadworthy. I didn’t want to ask anyone to take me there as I like to do these things on my own terms and this means impulsively, on a whim. Instead I just went to the other two local dealers and examined my on-line  preferred choices.

 It was like buying shoes. Could I afford the purchase and was the car comfortable to drive at this stage of my life? Avoiding reality a little…. my head was turned by a sporty little car in my price range but  too restricting for leg room let alone the rest of me. Being a mature woman of a traditional size I needed a larger  car. 

 The dealer at one place showed me a pre-owned luxury car and told me the trunk was big enough to hold eight golf club bags. What an odd thing to say. It was very nice to sit in but trying to drive it must be like sailing a big boat.

 The next local dealer listened to me, considered what I had in mind and then showed me what he had that best suited me for price, comfort and reliability. It was a  model I had researched but thought it was too pricey and in the one colour I didn’t like. Well, I changed my mind when the dealer crunched the numbers for me. There was something reassuring about the car dealer and I gave his suggestion consideration throughout the day returning with family to take another look at the specific car he had picked out for me. With significant anxiety and excited anticipation I made the move to  ask about buying it. With a few details to work out I think I will own the car within the week. It’s  new, the right size and in my price range…and it won’t pinch.

 I know for a fact there won’t be any golf clubs in the trunk either.



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2 responses to “A Good Fit

  1. I hope you and your new car make many enjoyable trips together.

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