Especially Today

If I try to remember,…. especially today,…. the  window open and a cool spring breeze blowing the  curtains I think of all the activity going on to prepare for family visitors ….. Vases of old-fashioned garden flowers on the kitchen table and on the corner of the sink’s counter….. The linoleum floor scrubbed with a pine scented cleaner….. An assortment of different patterned dishes and a mix of glasses and mugs set as carefully as possible on the kitchen table. A variety of vintage tablecloths added a dash of personality and style on any given day.

 Several apple and berry pies would be ready on a pie rack and tea biscuits would be in the oven just as dinner was ready. A well seasoned roast with mashed potatoes, yellow beans,tangy cabbage salad, beet pickles, sliced cucumbers in apple cider vinegar, chili sauce, green onions , radishes  and individual small glass bowls of canned tomatoes would typically be prepared for the family gathering.

 It was usually a tight squeeze around the table but the best part was being so close to the hot food on the stove for second servings.These simple meals at any time of the year in the old farm kitchen  were made from what was in season or put by in the freezer or canned. Everything was homemade and took such effort and care to produce such memorable times around the table. A familiar prayer was always said by my parents before the meal.

 Pots of tea and a gurgling coffee perk were at the ready throughout the meal and afterwards to go with more pie and date squares as dishes were washed by hand. Conversation was usually about the farm work, neighbours, family, weather and church. It was good talk. The dishes were slicked up fast and put away in the cupboard.

The simple and tasty food was a blessing and the basis for those gatherings and fondly remembered times.

 This is the memory of the moment, especially today, pushing aside all the others competing to be brought forward ….I’m in the kitchen with my family just living the farm girl life…. I’m there again at the big, wonderful, tasty meal and the crowded table….A time to eat together, work together and drink all those cups of strong tea and over perked coffee…. As it turns out…. A time that is just part of me…. forever.



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6 responses to “Especially Today

  1. You make me wish I was home right now.

  2. SAJ

    what a beautiful depiction of such great times. they left me with a feeling of longing… i’m sorry to hear about your old farmhouse. i wish I could have taken pictures of it for you (I like to take pictures of old and historic buildings to treasure forever =)

    • thankyou, you would have done a beautiful job of the photography. I do have a top view photo of the farm and buildings hanging up in my kitchen now. We all feel it has been the end of an era. I am grateful that my sister and her family live on the land though and have a medical practice there, so we can still “go Home”.

  3. This is sooo special….beautifully written…it feels like I was right there with you….so special. Thank you…

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