After All These Years

We heard the dog’s cries coming from the bush at the back of the farm. Mom and I were the only ones at home as my Dad was at his factory work in town and my sister was at school. My older brothers no longer lived at home. I was only a little tyke about four years old and followed my mom around the farm as she worked on her own during the day. It was up to Mom to deal with the situation .

Mom and I walked through the field to the back of the farm heading towards the cries and yelps . When we got to the bush my mom realized that the dog, good old Silver, was mired in the muck at the edge of the bush unable to get himself free. Mom knew the danger of going into this area as she had lost a boot in the muck the day before as she tied to pick some buttercup wildflowers. The dog had wandered back to this spot during the night  and got into serious trouble, struggling in the deep quick sand like mud.

Mom got to work trying to free the dog but couldn’t get close enough. She broke some branches from the trees and made a crisscross bridge over the mud pit trying to get closer to the dog. The poor creature was up to his neck unable to help himself at all as she tried her best to get him out. She had impressed upon me that if she got stuck in the mud as well  I was to run as fast as I could across the wheat field to the neighbouring farm to get help.  It was something I will never forget.  I feel compelled to share this story after all these years. We went back to the house with the cries of the frightened dog behind us.

I don’t remember if Mom telephoned a neighbour for help when we got back into the farmhouse, she may have. I do remember my Dad coming home in the afternoon when his shift was over. He went directly back to the bush with the tractor to pull out the dog. Poor old Silver didn’t survive as he was paralyzed by the ordeal. I remember the struggle, the effort and the sadness of the day. After all these years,  I wish I had been able to help more with the rescue, poor old Silver.



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5 responses to “After All These Years

  1. We all have memories like yours that we look back on with sadness and regret, particularly as we age. These memories make us what we are today.

  2. So heartfelt…it makes me sad to think of his plight…i do like animals way more than people…and ALL my friends, of which I have MANY, know this. a very poignant story.

  3. Reblogged this on An Embarrassment of Freedom and commented:

    Overall, this seems to be my most read blog so far and perhaps indicates the type of writing I should try to develop. I hope my new readers will consider this story and reflection.

  4. Sad, but fascinating. It reminds me of when I was a kid. I grew up on a farm too.

    • I will always remember that day. There is more to the tale which i’ve written a short story about..sadly, the dog had gone back to the bush to die…it was his time for several reasons….but i was very fond of the dog and as a little child it was my first encounter with the inevitable. > Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2012 23:22:10 +0000 > To: >

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