Intensive Care

Weak perhaps, I couldn’t bring myself to watch an actual video of the 9/11 tragic events. I listened to some it from the kitchen while my son watched it from start to finish.  He was 18 when it happened and had just started university. Ten years later, he had the strength to handle watching it while I hid myself away in trivial kitchen duties. Yes, I know. My son is an adult and living at home for a year to save money. He’s a big boy. I am just saying he was interested and watched it and I couldn’t. If I experience videos and films like that I suffer. I guess that is the point. Anyway, I don’t mind saying I’m proud of my son for paying attention to this documentary. I must have done something right.

Some of our local volunteer firefighter’s made the trip to New York this weekend to be part of the assembled honour guard group of first responders . They come from a quiet rural community that seems far removed from the event and yet not so far away. Kids from our neighbourhood have seen military action as a result of our government’s involvement in peacekeeping and active duty. Everyone seems to know of someone tragically involved with the event and the subsequent incidents. My elderly late mother kept vigil over newscasts and sought to understand the course of world events and offer personal prayer for peace. I however couldn’t even watch the documentary on the other night.  Instead, I choose to write this simple little piece of reflection and post it for the world to see. I do care.



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3 responses to “Intensive Care

  1. just not sure it’s peacekeeping tho’…to me more like war-making…but that’s just me. continue…

    • Hello again Cur, I have spent an intriguing time in your music film world today. The avant garde style is admirably artistic. I don'[t understand all of the earlier one, Don’t Move… but I get a Waiting For Godot feeling from it. The mannequin sequence reminds me of T.S Eliot….or am I reading too much into your attraction to hollow ladies? The fine young man in the shower was an unexpected Treat. The later film, How Can Ya haunts me.

      • just saw this. “Cur”..funny, thank you for watching my MusicFilms… “hollow ladies”, very witty…as is “Treat” i wonder. tho’..was this comment meant to be posted on my site? Anyway, thanx again. continue…

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