Treading Lightly

Boundary pushing newbie that I am I’m not really certain where to start. With my background of tried and true and in some cases tried and disappointed I’ve learned to keep my head down and just go day-to-day. So. In the past it might have been a bold move to book a fancy pedicure or add a little wine to a family recipe or go on a little day trip by myself, I evolved into this nice, cautious and predictable individual.

Friends and family are used to the spurts of creative adventures that I’ve cooked up for myself. A wannabe actress but hadtobe teacher I managed to work gentle creativity into my work with beautiful little kids. While my son was young I took courses in drama at Stratford and had a complete blast as it was like camp for adults. This in turn led to leading drama workshops in my community and participating in a very amateur community players group. My son was part of this and  it was a good thing for both of us. We needed it as the reality of dealing with other difficulties made it so. Getting together with our group, planning, writing, creating, performing meant a wonderful release from disappointment, aggravation among other negative feelings. These amateur theatre experiences were all for charity and all these volunteer hours  were banked nicely for my son as he applied to theatre training at university. His experiences have been varied and he continues to create his career.

Now, what about me? ( Yes, I remember what  I said earlier about being a wannabe actress…..) Here I am, retired and free trying to practise my writing skills as I thought this is what I wanted since I was a kid. Writing about what I know has been an interesting experience for me to date and getting a little feedback has been appreciated, to say the least. Still trying to find my writing voice and finding some nodules have formed I hope I can get over myself.

As my dear family. friends and neighbours read this blog I don’t overstep boundaries of what I could write about. In fact, all that other stuff I could write about will surface in another form … and I feel it coming on very soon. So at present as I try to get over my wheel spinning in my self-imposed rut I plan to  find a weak spot in the boundary line and take a tentative step over. More of an advocate than an activist perhaps? I’ll start by booking that pedicure. That first step over the boundary line should at least be presentable.



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2 responses to “Treading Lightly

  1. Enjoy your pedicure! I admire that you love acting, that would be my dream profession, writer second. If you blog about line crossing topics elsewhere please let me know the secret address. Good luck with your new ventures, whatever they may be. You should know that you have one fan out here – at the very least 🙂

  2. 2 fans. you go girl…you are judge and jury. continue.

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