Just Watch Me

Doing my homework, I’ve been looking into some new, simply for the fun of it, education. No degree with this venture, just cutting myself some slack and doing something that I feel compelled to do. After searching around and finding what I wanted I made the call this morning, If my sister ( no complex here, just a close and caring family) is reading this , don’t worry. I haven’t taken up anything dangerous like extreme knitting.  As if.

Somehow I found myself researching for training and found myself making the call. This was no slouch that I called either. So that means I’ve got my nerve back after a period of licking my wounds. Our first meeting will be just that, a first step. It may help me on my way to renew and reinvent my goals in life. It is funny to use the word goals because I don’t usually think in those terms. I’ve been pretty much a passive yet resilient type for the past half century . Recently, I’ve been reading some unique, creative material ( understatement) and been inspired to live a little. Perhaps this will lead to a more formidable and useful future. I just know I feel excited about taking the first tentative step and that feels good.

Stay tuned.



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3 responses to “Just Watch Me

  1. Thanx 4 “liking” Cell Hell” and glad ur finding the excitement of maybe stepping into a new room. continue…

  2. …and thanx for liking the Iowa Man sees Baby Jesus in Swiss Melt thing…i really appreciate your reading. continue…

  3. p.s. “extreme knitting” ba da boom!

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