Writing Diary #3

Things are not looking good image wise for my character in my second story. He started out just plain mean and now after my writing session tonight he is a monster made of ice and stone that stands under a child’s window trying to get attention. Creepy stuff, let me tell you and I’m not finished with the poor old guy yet. A further yarn I have to spin about him may change the whole direction I’ve taken in the piece but hopefully he will not haunt my dreams tonight or be at my window…. again. Now I know why writers often drink to excess. I’ll settle my jangled nerves instead with good old hot tea and lock all the windows and doors just to make darn sure.



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2 responses to “Writing Diary #3

  1. TBLN

    Eeek! I am scared now, just by you describing it! Are you ‘Lisbeth or Poe?

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