Writing Diary # 4

Just a quiet night here, silently proofreading . Tomorrow is my artsy day that I’ve designed for myself and I need my draft copies of two stories in good form to perform for my drama coach. Both stories are written in the local vernacular so I wonder what  she will say about that as we work on my phrasing,  breathing and performance anxiety issues. One story is feisty and a little funny in places. The other story is quite dark, resentful , intimidating, and as yet unfinished. Probably there is more than a short story in there but I’m too inexperienced as yet to develop it further into a book. I don’t know if the next story will ever see the light of day as it is very personal but I’m going to write it anyway, darn it. I think it will be confusing in its innocence, strange in its experience and oddly hilarious in its tender parts. It might just write itself.



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2 responses to “Writing Diary # 4

  1. TBLN

    Yay! Keep at it, Lady!

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