Writing Diary # 6

Looking around for a way to sugar coat my third story, I spent most of the evening watching videos about writers and researching writing techniques. Then I ran off a pile of tips about writing short stories. Finally I wrote a free verse poem about my difficult topic. The poem is just a plain little thing but has an honesty to it that is pleasing. It stands alone but it is just too bare bones. It makes a good starting point and gives my story some structure. I thought about turning it into a myth or a folktale but there really isn’t any religious statement , morality issue or universal truth about it to make so I’m stuck with the reality of the story. Live and learn.



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4 responses to “Writing Diary # 6

  1. TBLN

    Stories or novels that start with poems are great. I agree that it helps add structure to a piece. A very nifty device, indeed.
    Just a thought – maybe it stands for more than you really think it does?

  2. Hmmmm, best advice i’ve read tonight..thanks!

  3. good for you Liz,…that’s what I’m talkin’ about. continue…

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