Writing Diary #7

Writing, editing and reflecting  has been an experience for me this past week and I’ve discovered the meaning of life for a writer .

It doesn’t makes sense. (Being profound here…)

No more on-line diaries though as it is getting  old.

The End


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6 responses to “Writing Diary #7

  1. writing is re-writing…an old axiom. continue…

  2. TBLN

    I like it when you are profound! Yay!

  3. pixilated2

    Funny you should decide not to do online diary entries anymore. I rather liked them. They helped me to understand where I am in the process and to know that I’m not the only one! But, to each her own. We’ll get there.
    ~ Lynda
    PS: Being honest with yourself and know what works for you is the lesson here, eh?

    • Hi!…thanks for your interest in my diary..thought it was getting too self centered of me to continue…I am going through major changes in my writing (and myself!) and finding the discipine to do rewrites and editing most nights….trying to write short prose each day…motivated by a contest or two right now….but will keep it going after the contest in order to stockpile some goodies for more contests and who knows someday….thanks again for letting me know….Liz

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