We Missed You

In our provincial election yesterday, only 49.2% of Ontarians voted.  We have an easy voting system and days of advanced polls to accommodate voters. Obviously some might be unable for varied reasons to go out and vote as stuff happens but over half the province had the flu or car trouble or forgot? If we didn’t have the opportunity to vote would this group of people even care enough to demand it as a right? There are some important issues out there people and it is up to all of us to show up and vote. In my recently acquired style of brevity all I can say is, what were you thinking?

Just to name a few things that might irritate you enough to get out to vote next time might be the economy and job situation, education of young children, standardized testing , cuts to library funding, medical issues and funding, social problems and concerns such as homelessness, drugs, violence, abuse,environmental problems and how we fit in to things federally and world-wide. The problem is lack of knowledge and apathy and the solution is to start paying attention, ask questions, contact your government representative to get some action and start to care.

Be aware of bias in news reports, check out different points of view, read up on the policies of the political movers and shakers, talk social and political issues things over with family and friends and show up for duty and vote when there is an election. Put on the coffee and deal with it.



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6 responses to “We Missed You

  1. TBLN

    I love that you are writing about this! It is SO important for everyone to get out to vote, and I am appalled that so few people vote. I have voted every election since I was legally allowed to. Think of all the places where women are not allowed to vote…that should make you mad enough to want to go out to vote! If you don’t vote, don’t complain. As simple as that!
    Great post, A.L.!

  2. Replace Ontarians with Americans and province with state and I’ve got a sinking feeling I’ll be posting this same thing on my blog before too long…

  3. 49.2% – that’s prolly 10% more than our turn-out. oh well… continue…

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