Getting By

The wind is whipping the wet leaves around and the sun plays hide and seek during the afternoon. A  huge turnout of neighbours gather at the local community centre for a couple celebrating a fiftieth wedding anniversary . Pots of  bronze, plum and yellow mums and vases of deeply coloured flowers decorate the hall. Family photos including grandparents and grandchildren  are on display. Tables of delectable food tempt everyone to stay and socialize for the afternoon. I thought as I attended this party this afternoon how fortunate we are in this community to have these events. They remind us to be grateful for the community of friends, neighbours and heritage we share.  How fortunate we are when one thinks about the chaos and despair endured by so many in different parts of the world.

Parties for senior citizen’s special milestone birthdays are wonderful occasions too and honour lives well lived, Wedding and bridal showers are also standing room only and are often overwhelming and heartfelt experiences for the young people cherished by friends and family. Village picnics, barbeques, fall fairs,  sporting events, dances at the hall, card parties, school and church concerts and backyard bonfires make up the social life around here. Basically a community with old family ties and a wonderful mix of relative newcomers it is a place to be proud of and celebrate. People tend to be somewhat reserved and mind their own business but when there is a need to help anyone their generosity of spirit is a lovely trait. The support for all grieving families is heartfelt. The community is truly wonderful in the quiet way it comes together during any difficult time.

Pumpkins are stacked by the door, vegetables and fruits are gathered in for the approaching winter. A long deary time of snow and ice looms ahead . It will be a time when neighbours shovel each other out, check on their elderly neighbours and run needed errands to make certain all is well. It is very good to know that even though the weather ahead will be rough the warmth of community is always there . We will get by like we always have, with a little help from our friends.



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5 responses to “Getting By

  1. well said…we all have to count our blessings…always. continue…

  2. are you writing? huh? continue…

    • hey there…finished three short stories for my goal… and ready to send them… in and have also started two more..doing lots of drama text study, reading, end of season plays at Stratford Festival, starting winter season at my son’s theatre (he’s in development there)…listened to 98.6 just the other night (wow, nice to kinda know the guy who did the lyrics!)…..what a fun era for music…did you work on “Tell Him” too?..saw that on SNL and I wondered….. reading your blog (impressive!)……thanks for checking up on me, my muse. > New comment on your post “Getting By” > Author : barkinginthedark (IP: , > E-mail : > URL : > Whois :

  3. don’t know why that extra info was attached in the previous reply…? (your info)

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