Aisle 8, Row 0, Seat 55

I don’t know how your day was but I just spent mine with over 1300 public school and secondary students at the end of season production of Twelfth Night at The Stratford Festival. ( I had no idea when I bought this spur of the moment ticket that it was a student performance but after teaching for 31 years it was like old times.) It was a wonderful way to spend a cold drizzly fall day! The production was great and the kids were really enjoying themselves. It was fun to get caught up in their enthusiasm for the whole experience. I came away from the play today realizing that like Shakespeare it is always good to mix it up , try new things and be just a little naughty in order to make sense out of our everyday lives. The great vibe from the kids and the over the top, eclectic performance has compelled me to try to just open up my own mind and see where my imagination takes me. It takes some courage to relax enough to just let thoughts, senses and feelings take over for a while in my daily writing routine.  To give this some structure I intend to keep up with the news of the world around me and also let it find its place in this fusion of writing.

See what happens when I go to the theatre on my own?


P.S. I wonder if my copyright comment on my previous post will transfer to this one. If not, read it. Thankyou, AEOF.



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8 responses to “Aisle 8, Row 0, Seat 55

  1. TBLN

    Happy Birthday, A.L.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you had a great day!
    Glad you had fun at the play the other day.
    Great copyright thing – it’s on the top left of every page!

    • thanks! I had a nice birthday lunch and supper out today so I’m quite spoiled. My copyright is my own version just for the effect of it.Do you think I need my actual name or the date (year) on it?

      • TBLN

        Sounds like a fun day!
        The year definitely should be there (copyright 2011, for example) and the name of your blog also. Your real name is probably not needed, unless you want to…many blogs I read don’t have the full name of the person in the copyright, just their blog name.
        To get ideas of how to right it up, just read some blogs and look at their policies.
        Also, there is something called Creative Commons some blogs use to license their work….you could look into that…not really sure how it works though or if you can use it Canada…I’ve just seen it on many blogs:


      • Funny you should say that but i notice that Creative Commons has clicked on my work as a URL…whatever that means

  2. TBLN

    *”write” it up
    not “right”

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