Taking It On The Chin

The plan was to submit a couple of stories to a literary contest by a certain time line and I’m happy to say that I managed to do it! So now I wait about six months to find out how the contest turns out. At this point I’ll be happy to get the confirmation  that the stories  were received electronically safe and sound. I don’t really trust computers as I was recently hacked or whatever it is called. That is quite an annoying experience as you feel quite helpless in the  process and just have to start over again. A misunderstanding on a computer is a weird thing as you can’t go face to face with anyone and correct it. So, if you are reading this and need my new email address let me know.

Misunderstandings between people are also not much fun but at least you can stand up for yourself. Often someone in the background is jealous and has stirred things up and misled the parties involved. Sometimes it is purely unintentional and can be easily addressed. I find that these misunderstandings often can come right out of the blue and you just have to be prepared sometimes to just let it go. I am a quiet type so I can sometimes be a target for the more aggressive personality wanting to settle a score. I have learned not to overreact but it does still feel a little unnerving to be under attack when I for one, don’t go looking for trouble.

In my personal writing I consistently have dilemmas about not wanting to offend or upset anyone. This is partially due to my gentle nature but is also due to my training as a teacher. Whenever I had to face big situations in teaching such as calling in the authorities due to child abuse or dealing with an obnoxious colleague it was not easy. Through life, I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff but I will face unpleasant things when I have to deal with them. Some of the situations I’ve dealt with in my divorce long, long ago were like straightening out a very confused soap opera with a terrible plot. I’ve handled arrogant and decitful jerks when I much rather would have let someone else deal with them. I have drawn my line in the sand whenever faced with difficult situations. I just wish sometimes that it wouldn’t have to happen.

A sense of humour doesn’t hurt in life and thankfully I was blessed with one.



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6 responses to “Taking It On The Chin

  1. TBLN

    AHHH! Good for you, lady! I’m so proud, you have no idea!
    How many did you send? The two I edited?
    6 Months? AHHH, yikes. Oh well.
    You sure do have a sense of humour! I wish I was funny like you, but at least I “get” jokes! Haha.

    • Hi! yes i sent Simon P Lane and (shmucky) Arrogant ones in but I would also like to send the last one, Overdue, in as well. Ha! Thanks for cheerleading. A. L. (hacked to pieces)

      • TBLN

        Great and your welcome!
        I will have them all edited by Wednesday, haven’t gotten around to them yet, been scatterbrained as usual…so you can pick ’em up whenever after then 🙂

  2. offend, offend…and offend again. i’m with Oscar Wilde who said “if an idea isn’t dangerous, it’s not worth having.” continue…

  3. “Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.” Oscar Wilde

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