…..” good morrow from a feeble tongue”……

With a sudden attack of sciatica stopping me from doing much except trying to get comfortable I have struggled to write anything. Most of the week has been spent whingeing and complaining, applying heat , doing some painful stretches and finally resorting to a few pain pills. I really hate pills so that is always the last resort. I know it will ease off like it always does, but it has made me cranky and tired. Instead of writing which is a more painful position to remain in while seated at my desk, I’ve taken to my  pile of books and magazines and found comfort in reading while languishing on my Obus 92. Too much information? To keep myself somewhat active I have cleaned out several purses, sorted out dry cleaning, watched some television, called some repair guys about some winterizing issues, did some minor editing on some writing and for big excitement went to the local coffee shop for a brief outing to hang out with the locals. Today I spent the entire day being taken care of by my sister even if I didn’t really need it. It’s been a two pill day so that is okay, I guess.  I must be feeling better as I just did some more short story editing and have started this blog tonight. The really interesting thing about feeling rather useless all week is that it makes me more aware of what I should be doing and appreciative of poetic things. It makes me long for my youth and” once commended beauty”.

(Yes, I’ve been reading Shakespeare!)



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10 responses to “…..” good morrow from a feeble tongue”……

  1. Sciatica…ooooh…not sure the “like” button is appropriate here. i’ve suffered thru sciatica. i hope u give the offending disc enough rest. and u have to try to force yourself to stretch some. do you know the stretches to do?get well soon. tony see: http://www.spine-health.com/wellness/exercise/sciatica-exercises-sciatica-pain-relief

  2. I sure do hope you start feeling better soon, I can definetly relate to this post, and I am sending you my sympathy. It’s great that you were still getting things done, I know how hard it is to just relax when you are in such pain but it appears you were very wise in what you chose to do.

    Cleaned out several purses.. That’s the best! I have always wondered if I was the only one who had to do such a thing, how does all of that stuff get in them anyway?? I’m glad to have found a soul mate in purse clutter 😉

    It’s great that you have been reading, I have a book I’d like to get into but I think it will take a mega flare for me to actually sit down and enjoy it.

    Hope you feel well soon, I am thinking of you!

  3. TBLN

    I hope you feel better soon, A.L!! I hope my editing helped you get through the process somewhat quicker. Little A enjoyed hanging out with you yesterday; she loves crafty/musical people! Did you have a can of soup in your purses? Haha! 🙂
    That’s cool you are reading some Shakespeare…I am still on my P.G. Wodehouse marathon…I think I told you I got 20 of his books at the last library sale. It was AMAZING!
    Hope your sciatica goes away…I don’t know anything about it, but it sounds tough!

  4. pixilated2

    I am sorry you are under the weather. Back pain is the worst! And doesn’t it seem like the simplest of things can set it off? I’m sure you are getting all kinds of advice, but I’ll chime in too… keep moving so you don’t stiffen up, and when you are feeling better do the exercises your friend above shared with you.

    I had to chuckle about cleaning out purses. I have never ever been able to keep up with more than one at a time and consequently use it till it falls apart. Laziness? After my car accident I gave up on them altogether and went for small backpack bags to avoid headaches from carrying the “one shoulder boulder.” I only clean it out when I can no longer find things in the bottom or I realize how heavy it has become.
    Feel better soon! ~ Lynda

    • Hi! We have exactly the same purse habits! I use mine (one at a time) until I wreck it completely. Periodically i dump it out on the bed and sort the accumulated junk! It used to be filled with baby stuff then teacher stuff…now it is retired stuff!I’m finding the nights very LONG with this back and leg pain but it seems to be improving. Usually only need two pain pills if i go out for any length of time. I’m stretching! Trying to do little jobs like simple cleaning to keep moving! Thanks for checking in. (Sorry to hear about your accident….hope you are doing ok now). Liz

      • pixilated2

        Great! As for me, my accident was over 25 years ago (totaled my little car) and left me unable to sleep in any position but on my back. I do very well so long as I don’t prop my chin in my hand while reading or hold the phone with my shoulder and the side of my head! LOL! As for the lower back, I find that I am pretty nearly pain free most of the time, unless it’s spring planting time, and that will get me EVERY time. (I haven’t a clue what initially caused it, though I suspect that getting older has had a lot to do with it.) ~ L

      • Despite the injury you have made the best of it, good for you..spring planting is brutal even on young, strong folk! I’ve been a wimp with my fall raking due to the flareup but have tried, only to have left it in piles for my son to pick up later this week.

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