OH! Now, I Understand!

This is the second attempt tonight to start a new post and I wonder if it will take shape this time. Consistently, I start to write and then realize that it isn’t going anywhere I want it to go, so I erase it and leave it alone for a while. I like to be inspired by something interesting I’ve remembered, experienced or felt. Just using a story prompt or reacting to an article I’ve read seems difficult for me to do as I need to have a personal investment in the story. My friends , family and neighbours whether they know it or not have been my inspiration for telling my stories. Pets are also a wealth of emotional stimulus when wanting to share a story with others as evidenced by one of my most read posts about my dog, Silver. The story title for this favourite piece is” After All These Years”. For some curious reason it seems to be searched out and read quite often. At any rate, it is rewarding for me as a writer to see the story appreciated. (Did you see that?…I’m now referring to myself as a writer!)

My recent experiences with my drama text/writing coach have led me in a new direction. With performance of my writing and feedback from my coach,I’m beginning to realize that the story isn’t about my experiences. It is more about writing something that makes the reader find a personal connection of their own with my writing.  The reader doesn’t want to see my tears but instead, cry their own.



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6 responses to “OH! Now, I Understand!

  1. brava Liz. “The reader doesn’t want to see my tears but instead, cry their own.” this is a great mantra for any writer. continue…

  2. …like when I go to the theatre…the very personal feeling i get from the performance and work of the playwright ,not the antics or contrived posing of the actors….something deeper.

  3. It’s always interesting to hear about someone’s process, thanks for sharing with us!

  4. TBLN

    Yay, A.L.! You are rockin’ your newfound writer confidence! I love it!
    I am enjoying seeing you blossom into a self assured writer.
    Keep it up, lady!

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