More Ahead

This has been a year of sadness, reflection, effort and change. As a result of personal loss I was deep in memories and this led to finally writing about family, home, friends and myself. This writing came from a deep emotional place that was very difficult to access but once it was cracked open just a little it took on an encouraging momentum. Writing still is something of a struggle. Apparently I take it quite seriously and only want to produce writing that is based on this truth about myself. Some motivation inspired me to seek out a writing coach for feedback during my process. I started to think of myself as a writer and have told old friends about my long nights, late mornings and sessions at coffee shops and libraries as I putter about with my self-absorbed hobby. Finished work has been submitted but the unfinished ideas lay in hopeful piles ready for reworking. A cycle of effort has led to renewal but slows again in preparation for the long winter ahead. My blog remains quiet, waiting for me to respond again and yet I feel guarded. At the moment, writing for children is a possibility for the winter months ahead. Some life clutter needs to be shifted to free up my mind and heart but for the most part I’ve already dealt with a fair amount  so there really isn’t any obstacle to forging ahead. So, I propose the following ongoing routine for myself: late mornings, coffee and journal, healthy nourishment, house and home duty, rest and reading, some kind of exercise, more healthy nourishment, tea breaks, blog writing,late evenings and my self-absorbed hobby time. Time for family, friends, pets and spiritual meditation are all part and parcel of keeping myself grounded. It’s been quite a year.



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4 responses to “More Ahead

  1. i “like” this a lot Liz. and i wish for you a positive, peaceful, healthy new year – filled with your writing. continue…

  2. Thankyou Tony, and I wish for you the same good things.

  3. pixilated2

    Wish we were neighbors, then we could sit and talk over coffee or tea. I recognize much of what you just told in my own life and feelings. I too wish you the best the new year has to offer.
    Many blessings,

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