Third Thursday of The Month

Driving through the rather unique section of the city with its quirky little shops, coffeehouses and older homes I found my way to the library holding the writers meeting. Downstairs in the building a couple of meeting rooms are available to the public for various events and meetings. A few people were there early with me and the room filled eventually. It wasn’t awkward, honest.

Not knowing a soul I merely spoke a few words initially to the folks on either side of me. The dynamics of the group was interesting to me as I am a retired teacher. It felt like being with any new class except that it was a mixed group of ages, artistic personalities and writing enthusiasts. A few rarely spoke but they continued to write industriously throughout the meeting. Dominant personalities emerged from time to time. Everything from crime historical fiction, fantasy,plays, children’s and young adult literature , short stories and poetry were discussed with glee. A leader emerged to suggest a writing prompt and we all wrote madly for a few minutes and shared these little gems openly.Another gave a presentation on plot and pacing further stirring the discussion pot quite nicely. Someone brought cookies to share and this inspired an impromptu revenge story. ( You had to have been there!) A select reading of a current novel was shared by one of the writers. Feedback for this writer was positive and freely given.

Recommended books were referenced around the table much to my delight. I appreciated the loosely structured plan for the meeting. Imagine about two dozen people of varying backgrounds gathering for two hours of listening, writing, sharing, critiquing and laughing in the right places. A unique and quirky evening  in an interesting part of the old town and right up my alley!



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4 responses to “Third Thursday of The Month

  1. It sounds like a great night! I’m glad you had a nice time 🙂

  2. Thanks Ginger! I’m trying to get out there and find my people! Take good care now.

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun. WordPress is the closest I get to meeting with other writers.

  4. This sounds amazing. I wish I could have been there, or at the very least, that something like it was going on here. ~ Lynda

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