Extreme Promise

Whenever I watch the desperate souls on the hoarding reality shows I leap up and throw out stuff I don’t need. It happened again tonight. After a few minutes of watching the heartbreaking situations on television I responded by grabbing a garbage bag and started purging the linen cupboard. It amazes me how much stuff there always seems to be that I don’t need or want.  It is a release to let it go.

In writing my stories and poems I find the same purge going on in the creative stockpile within myself. However, if the truth be told, there are some places of the heart and mind that remain barred and locked. Stuff is piled there. One day I will leap up and throw it into a story or poem, put my own special twist on it and hurl it to the curb.



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2 responses to “Extreme Promise

  1. Beautiful imagery. Please don’t forget to share with us when you throw those cupboards open!

  2. Liz, i’m sure many, including me, should very much like to hear/read something from that “piled up” creative stockpile that’s still locked and barred…it will probably be quite wonderful. continue…

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