Second Childhood

I did it again. Twice this winter I have eagerly anticipated a writer’s event so much that I have gone a week early. When I got to the correct destination but on the wrong night I considered what to do instead. I thought about hanging out in the coffee shop with the funky lights and decor, going shopping at the one store still open at that time of night in our small town, visit a friend or just go home.  I went home.

It may be that I’m not getting enough sleep. It may be that I have a couple of distracting projects underway. Most likely it was just another senior moment. Looking on the positive side, perhaps it is  an over eagerness to connect with local writers after all these years of putting my desire to write out of my life .Not only do I enjoy the conversation and ideas shared at these events but I get a huge kick out of the dynamics of interacting with creative and authentic characters like myself.

Reflecting back to the fork in the road about forty years ago I chose a tangled path to follow. Fortunately I managed to get my education and career on course despite the pitfalls as well as raise a wonderful son. However, along the way I was sidetracked from following my  dream of writing. With significant effort and resources the impediment to following my creative spirit was dealt with some time ago. However, other than a joyful period of drama training , teaching and performing I have ignored my childhood desire to write.

Some forty years later, the forgotten  artist child within has been acknowledged again, nourished and wants to play, darn it. She is quite stiff now but is enjoying going for thirty minute walks through the park again. Too old to play imagination games in the school yard she enthusiastically attends any theatrical performance she can. Books  surround her and continue to give quiet comfort. Unfortunately, she mixes up days and details despite writing things on post it notes and calendars. As a result she goes to writing group meetings a week early. Fortunately, she now has the sense to come straight home.



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5 responses to “Second Childhood

  1. cut out the kidding Liz, you were just early – that’s all. this is an enjoyable well-written piece. continue…

  2. That’s ok, I almost went to a meeting on Thursday that isn’t until next week. I got as far as the car before turning around and going back inside.

  3. Sigh… I hate it when I do that, but more often than not I will just forget entirely. My one and only group activity, I just met them this week, is a quilting group that gets together every Monday. I am excited about this, so lets hope I don’t lose track of what day it is! ~ Lynda

  4. Oh, I think we all have a part of us that feels this way about whatever we’re passionate about. That being said, this little piece of humour and truth may have just made my day. Thank you.

    • I kept trying to go to the group but they were an older group (geezers!!!) and had fallen out with each other…and just not cancelled their advertisement to meet …eventually one of the writer’s contacted me for an open house for her 8th book,selfpublished.It was nice to meet her finally but no writer’s group. I have since gone into the city to find one and it meets monthly with a wide range of interesting people to share writing with and inspire me. It is also fun to get reactions and responses to my writing through blogging….thanks!

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