Precious Penny

For the sake of my senior challenge with technology, while my son is here to assist with downloading her photo, I wish to introduce a little addition to my writer’s world in the form of my grandog, Miss Moneypenny, a four month old Victorian Bulldog. She is a complete surprise to me as my son has recently adopted her. They will not be living here but will visit regularly. She is lovely in a unique way and a gorgeous baby. I anticipate a great deal of inspired material in the future. (We are wiping up wet poop behind my desk chair as I post.) Watch for future installments on Penny.



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6 responses to “Precious Penny

  1. Big sister

    Oh Liz, I’m sure you love Penny but do you need all this extra work!! At least my grandbabies wear diapers.

  2. Big sister

    Ha and I guess you don’t need to cook bacon on demand either.

  3. Bookish Niece

    You guys are nutty 🙂
    Yay for sisterly blog conversations about bacon and dog poop.

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