Penny For My Thoughts ( I will continue to do this….send me your Penny references!)

Firstly, I refer you all to the photo on my last blog post”Precious Penny”. OK, then. A Precious Penny update is in order. In the last few days, Penny and her single parent, my son have crashed at my place for their “holidays”. You would not believe how sweet she is and how smart considering she is so young and has been through four different homes. Counting holidays at my place would make five adjustments for such a baby. Within a very short time she has learned to sit, come when called and pee fifty percent of the time on the newspapers. 

  I have the laundry on right now washing out all the floor mats I own as apparently they closely resemble newspapers. Next, I’ll run a load of bed linens as my son had her snuggling with him. Tomorrow I wash floors very carefully as I suspect several quick cleanups were made behind my back. Penny preferred to poop in my pantry area (it’s quiet there, you know) so that will be where I will start the sanitation blitz.

Other than that, we’re good. Just a few coffee soaked novels on the coffee table when she jumped up to smell the coffee. The cat has given notice but perhaps she will return from the neighbour’s yard when she realizes the dog has gone home. Several flowering shrubs have been chewed but with a little care should recover. A wicker magazine basket has a new rustic look since it’s handle has been destroyed. Cash outlay for crate, bedding, dishes, halter, leash, name tag, vet care, licence, food, toys is adding up fast.

 But, she looks at you with hazel green eyes and snuffles so sweetly. She is laid back for a puppy and assumes a yoga-like pose like a wise old soul with one leg behind her back and one leg in front while leaning back on he haunches watching our every move. So I guess that explains why I drove thirty minutes into town to see her tonight after she left my place just this afternoon. I just wanted to check on her, and she’s fine, thank you.


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