Penny’s Progress

I bet you are just waiting with breathless excitement for the next Penny post (see Penny’s picture on Precious Penny post). She is getting bigger, sassier and has a pronounced pout when she hears “no” , “don’t chew Grandma’s jewelled sandals”! During the past week she has started puppy education class and ranks right in the middle . Marvellous Monty (another bulldog pup) is the smartest at this point, next comes Penny and at the bottom of the class is Rangy Riley. Monty has had the advantage of a longer, stable homelife than Penny. He is a beautiful little guy and impressed the trainer with his manners but even Monty has his faults apparently. He is a porch peeing dog. Riley on the other hand, looks as cute as can be, like a typical Benji type dog but is a notorious ankle biter. Penny is just learning to settle in so we give her a break for the time being. She is a food focused dog so likes her twenty-minute training homework each day and is earning numnums for sit, stay and high fives. So cute, those high fives!

My son’s vacation has turned into a young parent experience with five o’clock am wakeup yelps, outdoor walks, feeding times, medication times( to clear up some tummy trouble), wet newspaper cleanups, more outdoor walks, monitoring adjustment to crate times (hopefully she is calm in her crate when returns to work next week), buying supplies and feed and washing his floors to keep ahead of the pungent puppy smells. Some vacation, eh?

We are going on a day trip to see a friend perform in a play at The Shaw Festival, Niagara on The Lake, and have lined up my neighbours to puppy sit. Penny will be in good, kind training hands while we are away. No doubt, my son will go through separation anxiety while we are gone for the day. He will probably buy a souvenir chew toy or  British design collar for Penny as if she even cares for it or not. All Penny cares for are her numnums. I expect she will be at the top of her class on Friday or at least tieing for first place with Monty. Riley, bless him…we just hope for the best.




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2 responses to “Penny’s Progress

  1. Aww, I love your description of her love for “numnums”. I don’t have the space for a puppy, but she sounds adorable.

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