Packed off Penny!

After two weeks of high-stepping over wet and sometimes gooey newspapers, I’ve packed up the pooch and sent her back to her city home. She was reluctant to get back into my son’s car because I think she thought she was going to the vet again…or maybe she was wanting to stay with her Nana. It’s great. I imagine I will spend some time cleaning up tonight and enjoy keeping my purse on the floor again, along with my shoes or whatever. Penny was into everything such as plants, books, pillows, shoes and annoying my old cat despite having a nice little assortment of chew and toss toys.

At least I won’t be spending all of our waking hours walking her around the garden and sitting outside with her in the backyard. My neighbours have never seen so much of me. With the help of my sister-in-law next door Penny got her eye drops right on schedule three times a day. This routine along with her feeding and exercise needs kept me very tied down.  But it has been rather nice too. I have savoured the peace of our country village, watched the leaves blow overhead, counted all the different shades of green all around me in the forms of trees , flowers, shrubs and grasses. I’ve read some recipe books and drank coffee out of my old battered school teacher thermos. Penny and I both learned to kick back a little and just watch the quiet corner of our world go by.

In the evenings , after a raucous play period that I’ve termed “the witching hour” I would scoop her tubby body up and plunk her down on an old down pillow and give her little back rubs .Immediately soothed she would collapse into a snuffy, cuddle pup and we would spend an hour or so just snoozing together on the recliner. Once she was in her crate for the night I would go out into the wet night to try to find the poor cat lurking in the neighbour’s shrubs and try to lure her into the house for her meal and a dry place to sleep.

Penny’s eye seems to be getting better and that was the whole point of her extended visit. Now I will have to think of another excuse to have her here on a short term basis. Maybe I should focus on patching things up with my poor cat first. She thinks I’m crazy.


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  1. You’ve got a good set up there. Short-term doggie visits are ideal so you get to enjoy the companionship, but not the constant responsibility! My cats think we’re crazy for having dogs, as well 🙂 Hope she forgives you.

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