Fall Projects Give Me An Appetite

With a very slight change in our hot weather, I felt stirrings of fall projects in the air so I went out looking for new drapes at a little commercial mall on Hyde Park Rd, London, Ontario (Canada). I’ve been considering these rather funky looking drapes for over a year now and despite them being on sale I was a little hesitant to commit to the purchase. Then I realized it was just hunger so I walked a few doors down and tried out a brand new place to eat called Porcino. The drapes could wait….afterall, they were just hanging around until I got there.

Porcino is a relaxed and contemporary place with an appealing artsy vibe . The menu is neat to read as the prices are simply noted with a numeral such as 8 or 12 or……. for some reason that also appealed to me. Scanning down the menu I decided to try the chicken parmesan with side salad and then sat back to do some journal notes (always the amateur writer!) and enjoy a cold drink. I had made the weekday lunch seating just in time (11 am to 3pm)  and noted the supper seating time was also an option (5pm-10pm) and Sunday hours are accommodating ( 4pm-9pm).  Quite hospitable, when a couple came in just on the late side of 3pm, they were graciously seated by the young owner and the available chef sprung into action. The food choices are a great selection of starters, soups, salads, panini, pizza and pasta. My chicken parmesan panini was delicous but if I’m feeling more adventurous next time I could try fried calamari, steamed mussels, panko crusted goat cheese, quattro stagioni pizza or wild mushroom ravioli…..to name only a few of the tempting dishes. There are a couple of large tables but mostly it is a cosy, intimate setting for friends and family to gather. It has the right feel , a nice decor (love the varied art lamps hanging from the ceiling), pleasant, clean washrooms with individual real terry towels and good food. I intend to take my family and friends there (on theatre outing days) but  have a feeling I might go on my own again very soon…..maybe when I pick up the funky drapes I finally felt nourished enough to order.

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