Overall, this seems to be my most read blog so far and perhaps indicates the type of writing I should try to develop. I hope my new readers will consider this story and reflection.

An Embarrassment of Freedom

We heard the dog’s cries coming from the bush at the back of the farm. Mom and I were the only ones at home as my Dad was at his factory work in town and my sister was at school. My older brothers no longer lived at home. I was only a little tyke about four years old and followed my mom around the farm as she worked on her own during the day. It was up to Mom to deal with the situation .

Mom and I walked through the field to the back of the farm heading towards the cries and yelps . When we got to the bush my mom realized that the dog, good old Silver, was mired in the muck at the edge of the bush unable to get himself free. Mom knew the danger of going into this area as she had lost a boot in the muck…

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