Setting The Bait

Several stories are starting to rustle just a little and I can feel them tingling for attention. In a couple of days, the routine of writing and sharing what I write with my encouraging mentor will begin again after our long summer break. While she has been doing her summer workshops and performing I’ve been going to creative seed. With our session quickly approaching within days I’m resting comfortably on my little silly play (it’s horrible) that I wrote in June hoping that will fit the hour session just enough so she won’t be wasting her time on me. I’ll tell her that the other stories are forming but still timidly wait for the right time to find their way onto the page. She will help me coax the ideas out into the light of day.
You would probably like my stories too but at the moment they are scurrying back into the dark shadows with the dust, bits of paper and crumbs of dropped toast under my writing desk. All I can tell you is that one is about a beautiful animal, another is about an old photograph and the other is about a smell. At this point, you know as much about the stories as I do. When they finally peek out at me and make a dash for it, I’ll let you know.


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  1. I like that you eat toast at your writing desk. It sounds lovely.

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