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Four simple hardware knobs were all I really needed from the home improvement store but I also found a bench seat on sale. I bought the four hardware knobs instead of replacing all twenty four knobs with something more attractive and so I was proud of myself for saving money on that purchase. The bench seat was also half price and will be nice on my yet to be constructed… but any day now entrance way bench ( that will be part of a organization area with hooks, shelves and a little message board, inspired by Martha, no less. ( I often wonder what Martha would do if given a crack at decorating my old house.) I know she would rise to the challenge! At this point of retail therapy I decided to go just a little farther down Fanshawe Park Road, London , Ontario to Pier 1 and “just look around”.
The big beautiful store is like a complete and total opposite to anything in my humble home…except of course my new modern design teal and brown huge polka dot drapes! Luckily, I just happened to have a fabric swatch with me and once I was in the store I timidly looked around at some things that had caught my eye on a previous visit .
A friendly clerk at the front door encouraged me to look around as she said…”we have lots of good stuff”. Another welcoming clerk found me in a back corner holding my stringy fabric piece up to an art piece and made several suggestions when I hesitated. After a few minutes of looking around further another dynamo of a clerk got interested in our treasure hunt and between the two of them, Marylou and Nancy…. they had me drooling over the coolest assortment of stuff that would match my design taste.
Needless to say, I came home with something very special in the form of a dark brown, flecks of teal, patches of rusty brown collage of large autumn leaves that really bumps up the modern vibe in my very old house filled with hand me down farmhouse antiques and leftover college furniture. I also got a couple of inspirational wall art plaques to keep until I repaint my den to kind of go with the new colour scheme of my drapes also.
Now I’ll just have to be content for awhile with my decorating projects and let things gradually take their course over time and with store gift certificates (hint, hint) from my son.
The best thing to do now is fix those four kitchen cupboard doors and maybe make some banana muffins, just like Martha would want me to do…and sit back and enjoy my jazzed up reading/writing/livingroom sanctuary.


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