Almost Perfect

Fix the leaky toilet eventually is the first thing on my basket inventory. Next thing would be to keep working away on stuff I need to do. A nice drive somewhere would be nice. At the moment this is the extent of my Type B personality’s bucket list.
No big trips or luxury experiences are longed for but I would like to maybe go to a writers retreat. This retreat would have good food and beds, a cosy fire in the fireplace and a never ending supply of chocolate, good coffee or steeped tea. There would be some sweet animals to pet and care for. Maybe a beautiful old park or country lanes to wander along would be ideal. Fellow writers and storytellers to engage with at dinner, people watch from across the room and listen to by the fire would be just lovely. Reading their work, sharing mine and discussions off the cuff would suit me just fine.
All of these things are already at hand. I’m a decent cook. My bed is just right. An electric fireplace is all set to be turned on once the chill sets in. Good coffee and hot steeped tea are at my fingertips. Chocolate in small portions is easily sneaked into the house. Frances, my senior aged cat adores curling up in my lap as I read. Periodically, I get exciting overnight visits from my son’s bouncing bulldog puppy so that more than compensates for not having my own dog to care for full time now. There is a quiet tree lined street just outside my door that leads in one direction to a heritage park and in other directions to the farmland and conservation area on the fringe of the village. My weekly routine of sharing my writing with a writing coach keeps me relatively on track as I try to find my long lost desire to be a writer. The community of writers I’ve found in my blog world keep me reading, thinking and reflecting. My basket inventory is simple to fulfill. Apparently, all I need is a plumber.


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